5-1-2013 I can't believe it's been over a year since my last post. What a slacker - yeesh!! Ü All I can say is...get ready for Update-A-Palooza!!! I'm going to get caught up by posting all the photos from the last year or so first and will then go back and journal each entry later. Ü

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Utah trip 2011

Just FYI…this is a long one! Ü  I went to Utah at the end of July to visit family & celebrate my Grandma’s birthday.  Like always, the days flew by but it was so great to see everyone!


I spent as much time as possible just chilling with my family at Mom & Dad’s house.  There’s been an addition to the Davis Clan since I was in town last fall…no, not another grandkid - a crazy mini Dacshund named Coop – short for Mini Cooper.  My Dad got him for my Mom for Valentine’s and HE. IS. AWESOME.


If you watch Animal Planet’s Dogs 101, then you may know that Miniature Pinchers’ were originally bred as a mix of Italian Greyhound, German Pinscher and , yep, the Dacshund.  Let’s just say that after spending a few days with Coop, I now know where Min Pins get their mischievous - but totally hilarious - personality!  I swear he & Picabo could be evil twins or something!  Definitely would not want to see the trouble these two could get if they ever got together - HA!  Of course that makes him the perfect dog for my crazy family & I had a blast playing with him.  Oh, and seeing how spoiled he is, I’d say my Mom & Dad are a bit crazy about him themselves Ü.  He loves to play “keep away” just like Picabo – a “fun” game where they have the toy (or shoe, sock, plastic bag – you know, whatever is handy!) and want you to chase them.


Here he is “helping" us weed the front flower bed.


Unfortunately he decided the flowers were more fun to pull instead! Ü

Along with the Coopster, there were the Usual Suspects…my two awesomely awesome sisters…


The three of us had a sleepover one of the nights and stayed up way too late talking and laughing.  As much as I hate to admit it, we aren’t as young as we used to be & pretty much felt like crap the next day.  It was totally worth it though! Ü

And here’s my amazing Mom & Dad…


I love living in Texas but I miss these guys so dang much it hurts some times!!

Mom posed with 2 of my sweet nieces for me…


so Dad tried to pose with “the boys”…


Phin was not in the mood for pictures and Coop kept wiggling, trying to get down and get his toy!  Jim & Andrew were in Boston the first couple days I was there so this was it for the “boy” pics that night – Thanks for trying though Dad! I also tried to get some of Can & her girls, but V was not in the mood either!  Ü


My Uncle Georgie was in town from Cal at the same time and it was great to see him every day! 



On Sunday I went up to Tim’s sister Heidi’s house to see the Marek-side of my family. Seth BBQed some delicious chicken & we ate, hung out & talked.


Heidi & Erik with their youngest, Maggie


Melanie & her youngest Lance, with Jamie (holding Gabby)

Here’s Seth & my nephews Logan, Will, Luke & Ben rockin’ it on the trampoline Ü


It was a lot of fun & really great to catch up with everyone!


It was my Grandma’s 80th birthday on the 27th and my Dad & his 6 brothers and sisters had spent several months planning her party.  It’s hard living so far away because I feel like I never can help out with “stuff”, but my Dad asked me to do the invitations (probably sick of my whining Ü) and I had a blast doing it!!  He may have had second thoughts when I sent him 7-8 different layouts, but he picked my favorite one – proving once again great minds think alike Ü


The party was at a park in Lehi.  Everyone brought all kinds of delicious food  & my aunt Jeannette did the decorations…check out the great “80” balloon centerpiece!


Take my Grandma & Grandpa, add her 3 sisters & their husbands, plus her 7 kids & their spouses, mix in her 25+ grandkids and all our spouses and kids – and let’s just say it was quite the PAR-TAY! 


After dinner, the kids played on the biggest slip and slide I’ve ever seen!  (Candace & Jim borrowed it from their friends)

While the kids were slip slidin’ away, my Dad, aunts and uncles got up one by one and told some of their favorite stories about my Grandma.  They went in birth order:


Lynn & Don

my Aunt Carin, who is #3, told her stories at the same time as my Dad & Don but did it sitting down so I didn’t get a picture of her with my Grandma


Jeannette & Roger


Russell & Paul

When my Dad was 16, his father was killed in a car accident by drunk drivers.  My Grandma was left to raise her 7 kids – ages 5 to 16 – alone. There were some pretty funny stories – especially the stuff my Dad and Uncle Don did.  I have to say it’s kind of amazing she decided to have any kids after the antics of those two – not to mention FIVE more - HA! But it was the things each of them said she had taught them about life that I loved the most – even if they all did make me cry! Ü  

100_2542 - Copy
Good lookin’ bunch if you ask me!!  My Grandma is an amazing woman…someone I have always looked up to and I love her with all my heart! 

My Grandma has 5 sisters (her oldest sister has passed away) and 3 of them were able to come celebrate with us.  They each got up as well and I really enjoyed hearing stories about my Grandma while she was growing up.  Aunt Karma lives in Virginia, but she sent a letter with her memories.

100_2555 - Copy100_2570

Aunt Marie & Aunt Janice


Aunt Catherine brought her wedding dress that my Grandma made for her!  It was AWESOME.


My Grandma remarried my awesome Grandpa – here’s a couple shots of them as well.


After the family festivities, we had an open house so some of her friends could come wish her a happy birthday too.  We had some DE-licious sheet cake and I made everyone pose for more pictures!!  I’m pretty sure one of these days someone in my family is gonna break my camera. No worries though ‘cause I always have a backup Ü


Love this guy so much! And I’d steal V if they’d let me – jerks! Ü


Mom & Paul…and Cake!!


Please, please let me be as awesome as she is at 80!!


BBQ beef sandwiches – YUM! Company’s not bad either Ü


Paul & me (kinda blurry but still awesome!)


My uncle Russ


My cousin Brad - who I hadn’t seen in WAY too long!


My cousins Lacy & Kelsey (stole this photo & next one from Kels’ FB Ü)


Kels, Paul & Devin


Debbie, Roger & Me on cleanup duty Ü

Everyone worked hard to make it a GREAT night and I hope my Grandma enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did!! 

There was one bad thing that happened though and that was my sweet niece Ally fell and broke her collarbone.  Candace & Jim left the party & headed to the Urgent Care clinic.  Candace texted me this picture a couple hours later…


Poor little girl! Broke my heart :( 

I was heading back to TX the next morning, so I said my goodbyes to my sweet Kelly & her kids after the party.  Since Candace & Jim left in a rush, I didn’t get a chance to really say goodbye, sot hey came over the next morning.  I tried to stick the kids in my suitcase, but their mean mom & grandparents said NO!  I told Candace I would give her a copy of this picture to remember them by…


And she said forget it…I’m the one who gets to keep the picture…


A pretty darn cute picture of us too so I guess its better than nothin’ Ü.  One more picture with Mom & Dad…


And it was off to the airport for me!  Can’t wait ‘til my next trip out there…Love & miss you all so dang much!

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