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Friday, August 26, 2011

Record-breaking heat

Summers in Texas are always, always hot.  But 2011 has brought off-the-charts heat.  Up until a couple days ago, the record for days over 100 degrees for Austin was 69.  Well, we broke that record Wednesday, the 24th.


Thanks to our local news station KVUE, we can see just how hot the past 3 months have been (add 5-10 degrees to each of these days for heat index due to humidity)



JULY – only 2 days under 100…cooled all the way down to 99


AUGUST (so far) – one day under 100…a balmy 97 – woohoo.  This month has been insanely hot!!


Unfortunately, I have a terrible feeling we’re not going to just break this record, but probably consider it shattered once this summer is truly over. 

The scariest part isn’t the heat – which definitely sucks but, like I said, summers in Texas are hot.  The worse thing this year is we haven’t gotten any rain and most of the state is in a severe-exceptional drought situation


Hopefully we’ll get some rain SOON.

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