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Monday, July 11, 2011

Well Hello There Neighbor!

The west side of Austin is very hilly (that’s why they call it Texas “Hill Country” – duh!) and our neighborhood is full of furry & feathered friends.  I of course am fascinated by them all but really enjoy watching the whitetail deer (even though they eat my supposed deer-resistant flowers – grrrr! Ü)   


They are literally out our front door…


which of course sends Picabo into total freak-out mode.  I mean come on…don’t these deer know she OWNS this town??!


  “I see you!  Don’t think I can’t see you deer!!”   Notice the bricks, logs, etc we have along the bottom of the fence.  They help keep our little homeland security director from escaping to the front & taking matters into her own, um, paws – hehe!  

Anyways!  Much to Picabo’s dismay, the deer ignore her & go about the business of finding food & water to survive.  Love is in the air…


First comes love, then comes marriage – you know, “Deerly beloved, we’re gathered here today…” HAHAHA!  - then come the babies, but they don’t need no baby carriage


It’s Bambi!



As you can see the babies are so dang cute – I love their knobby little knees and white spots; they lose the spots around 6 months old.  Yes, I’ve read all about them…It is me after all Ü

Besides the deer, the neighborhood squirrels and birds also keep Picabo quite busy defending the homeland.  I was really excited to have a yard again and hung up my bird feeders as soon as we moved in.

Whenever you see a female cardinal…


You know the male is near and on the lookout


Now the squirrels don’t understand it’s a bird feeder…


These suckers are an amazingly agile and creative bunch…like this guy here hanging upside-down eating!  What a nutball!


I  enjoyed their antics for a few days, but one morning I noticed something plastic on the lawn and went to check it out.  It was pieces to the bird feeder!   


Those dang squirrels had chewed thru the plastic to get the rest of the food out of the bottom


Ungrateful little brats!  So here’s my new SQUIRREL-PROOF bird feeder…


It not only has a metal cage around it so they can’t chew it, but it also has springs so when a heavier-than-a BIRD squirrel gets on it…


it slides down & the leaves close over the holes!  Pretty clever if you ask me


Now even though I don’t want the squirrels destroying another feeder, I felt kind of bad cutting them off.  When I said this to my sister Candace, she said “let me guess…the squirrels guilted you into getting them a feeder of their own.”  Of course she was totally right – Ü


I think she laughed & called me a sucker - right again!  Looks like the birds decided that since the squirrels not only ate from but destroyed their original feeder, they have to share as well


At least they’re nice and wait their turn


Hmmm…kind of a weird way to eat…maybe they’re just using the squirrel’s feeder as a restroom.  You know what they say about payback baby, HAHA!


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Cause I said so... said...

Oh, I just love your neighbors! I am so jealous of your bambi babies. Tell Pecabo she can come to our house to escape all that nature. I promise there is none of that business...just a few pesky LOUD people. Miss your face!