5-1-2013 I can't believe it's been over a year since my last post. What a slacker - yeesh!! Ü All I can say is...get ready for Update-A-Palooza!!! I'm going to get caught up by posting all the photos from the last year or so first and will then go back and journal each entry later. Ü

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Job…New Digs

Uhhhh…it’s been about 5 months since my last post so I guess it’s definitely time I update my blog – yeesh!  Ü  Tim started a new job here in Austin (woohoo!) at the end of January.  We were going month to month in the apartment so we could move as soon as he got something full-time and we moved into our new place mid-February.  After owning (and selling!) 6 homes in 12 years, we decided to rent again for at least the next year just in case something crazy happened.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – HA!  The apartment was in northeast Austin, but Tim’s job is in the southwest part of town – about as far apart as you can get and still be in Austin - so we decided to move down that way.  We found a 3 bed/2 bath duplex with a private backyard and snatched it up!  Its been fun checking out a new part of town.

front of house from the street


looking in from the front door to the front room and kitchen area


One thing I love is there’s a door from the master bedroom…


out onto the back deck


Last Fall while at Target, I saw this tablecloth and REALLY, REALLY wanted it. 


But it was $30+ and since I’m not really a tablecloth gal, it seemed like a waste of money so I sadly left without it.   After we’d settled in a bit, I went to look for material for curtains and happened to stop by Target for some other stuff on the way.  Guess what just happened to be on clearance – those tablecloths I liked – and were now only $3.50 each!  I bought 4 of them, added a bit of ribbon at the bottom, and voila! 


I had me some curtains Ü  The nice thing is they were already hemmed and I used some clamps I already had on hand to hang them.


We finally broke down and bought ourselves a new couch…something we’ve been meaning to do for a few years now but just couldn’t get motivated enough to go look for one.  We knew we wanted leather and found one we both liked… 


The best part about it is both ends recline & the backs lie all the way back too.


  We love it & of course wish we would have bought it years ago. 

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thescotts said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL!!! So cute Tric! I LOVE those darn table cloth curtains. You're so domestic my Sister! BUT, I do NEED those pillows on the fireplace floor. Where did you get them? I want them for my couches:D
Can't wait to be there in the fall and recline. Good job Sistah! You make every house a home for you guys.