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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bill and Linda visit

Bill and Linda came down for a long weekend the second week of June and we had a great time catching up– like always!   Emilee drove over from the Woodlands Saturday & Sunday so it was great to see her as well.  Despite the 100+ degrees, we did a lot of walking (only second to lots of talking Ü) and showed them some parts of Austin they hadn’t seen during their previous visits. 

Pictures of us at Mount Bonnell  – looking East from the summit toward downtown


and the west side looks out over Lake Austin

Mt Bonnell 002

Mt Bonnell 003

Mt Bonnell TnT

Mt Bonnell 004

Mt Bonnell 005

  Mt Bonnell 006

After Bonnell, we went around the corner to Mayfield Gardens.  They were having a wedding reception in the garden area, but we were still able to walk around the “wilderness” part. 

Bill climbed up a little ways off the path to this ledge…

King of the Hill

Here’s a close-up of him telling us how awesome he is – HAHA!

King of the Hill closeup

After the Gardens, we decided to check out something indoors (A/C!) and drove over to the Texas State Capitol.   Tim and I have walked around the grounds outside of the Capitol many times (really cool historic monuments to see) but this was the first time we’ve been inside.  The architecture is beautiful!  Here’s a few shots…

looking up at the dome from the 1st floor…


the rotunda floor from the 2nd floor…


A close-up of one of the AWESOME custom-designed bronze door hinges…


They are 8” x 8” and weigh over 7 lbs each

One of the wooden chairs from the House and Senate Chambers…


THANKS for coming to visit us!  We love and miss you guys and look forward to seeing you again soon Ü

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