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Friday, January 28, 2011

Recent Wildlife Encounters

One of the neighborhood squirrels stopped by to investigate our patio.  I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple shots of him



Then Picabo sees him, frantic barking ensues and that was the end of my photo shoot.  Ba Bye little squirrel…


Once I was sure he was gone I let her out & she spent at least 20 minutes going over every square inch of that patio


There are several fields in our neighborhood and at least 4 or more raptors can be seen daily circling them, looking for food.  A couple weeks ago I was outside and this giant hawk looked to be hunting while sitting on the roof.  Every so often she would let out a very loud, eerie screech.  Now that is one bird even Picabo won’t mess with! 


The Northern Cardinal is my favorite bird and I get to see & hear them year-round because they don’t migrate.  If you get too close the male will warn the female & they usually fly off into dense trees or bushes, making it tough to photograph them.  Winter definitely makes it a bit easier though.  I got a couple good ones of the male with my point & click but it looks like it will take even more patience & my zoom lens to catch the female. 


During the winter, thousands of migrating black birds will occupy wires & trees on both sides of the street for blocks.



Our very own version of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.


It’s so loud with them all cawing at once…dang creepy too!


Especially when a section of them will all up and fly around.  Run Tippi Run!


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