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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Utah Trip - Summer 2010

I went to Utah for 10 days at the end of July and HAD A BLAST!  Even though I really missed Tim and Picabo (that's the longest we've been apart in a long, long time!) it was GREAT to spend so much time with my family and friends.  Here's some of what I did while in town:


I spent as much time as possible just hanging around my parents' house & enjoying their beautiful backyard with its amazing view of Mount Timpanogos (I love Texas but really miss the mountains). It felt so GREAT to me - NO HUMIDITY - WOOHOO!  We barbequed & ate a bunch of fresh vegies from their garden, visited ‘My Taco, My Friend’ (aka Taco Amigo) several times (yum!), glitterized our toenails & everything else that happened to be near while we were doing it (Thanks Kel!), played baseball with a good ol’ plastic bat & ball - which really became “who’s turn is it to climb the fence & fetch the ball out of the neighbors’ yards”, and laughed as the kids chased each other thru sprinklers.  The kids are all AWESOME and are growing up way too fast so knock it off!  Ü  If you ask me, there’s NOTHING better than making memories with my family & friends!

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My Grandma’s birthday is July 27th and I was in town this year to celebrate it with her and most of my aunts, uncles & cousins. My Dad is the oldest of 7 kids and I am the first of 30+ grandkids…also the favorite, perfect one but I try not to rub it in to my sisters or cousins too often Ü – HA!  I loved growing up with such a big extended family. It has been a long time since I’ve been in town for a “reunion” and really enjoyed seeing so many of them at one time again.  We met at Discovery Park where, much to the dismay of some very disappointed kids, it decided to dump rain as soon as we arrived.  Good thing we had a great big pavilion so we could stay dry while we ate and Grandma opened her gifts.  The rain ended shortly there after so the kids were to play! 

 Gma0002Gma0016 Gma0001  Gma0003 Gma0005 Gma0006  Gma0009100_0742 100_0713 100_0719 100_0734 100_0738 Gma0010 Gma0011 Gma0012 Gma0013  Gma0015


The main reason I went to Utah at the end of July was because my sweet nephew, Andrew, invited me to his baptism.  He is such a great kid and makes everyone so proud. After his baptism, we went back to Candace and Jim’s house to stuff our faces with delicious food – HA! 

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I am so lucky to have such great in-laws and to be able see them when I visit Utah as well.  It’s amazing how much the kids change between visits…they are all so awesome & fun!  Thanks Bill, Linda, Erik, Jamie, Linds and all my sweet nieces and nephews for spending your Sunday with me.   I love and miss you guys so much! 

  100_0864 100_0871 100_0873 100_0866100_0874 100_0863100_0872100_0877  100_0876


My mom & I took some new flowers & a flag to my Nana & Papa’s grave.  I miss them both so much and enjoyed going with my mom and spending time talking about them and all the wonderful times and memories we have of them. 

 100_0884 100_0889 100_0891 100_0892 100_0893


It’s been twenty years (SAY WHAT??!!?) since I graduated from high school. I attended my reunion while in Utah and had so much fun catching up with everyone in person. I am grateful I have such a GREAT group of friends!  It felt like it had been a couple months rather than years since we had all been together last.  And one evening was definitely not enough time to catch up!  Thanks for the memories guys – then and now!  Look forward to seeing you again SOON Ü

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Paul said...

Trish, Uncle Paul here. I love your pictures of Grandma's B-day party. I copied a few of them. How are you and Tim doing?