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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's a dog's life & we just live in it

After spending the winter burrowed under blankets, Picabo has emerged once again to enjoy the warmer temps and to entertain us with her antics.  Here's some of what she (and we) do all day: 
Striking her Princess Buttercup pose...waiting patiently (ha!) for me to finish up some work and pay attention to HER

Waiting for Tim to leave on his bike ride so she can bark & chase him as he tries to get out the door.  She does this everytime either of us leave (a real joy as you can imagine) and Tim wheeling the bike out of the back bedroom is a dead giveaway

She watches his every move as he gets ready...gotta admit it's pretty funny
As I've said before, apartment living has been much better than I expected but we definitely miss having a yard - especially for Pic.  We get out and walk her a few times a day to make up for it though. 

We take turns dragging her away from every dang thing she just has to stop and sniff...blades of grass, steet signs, bird droppings on the sidewalk, or...

dead crawfish-like creatures on the sidewalk...EEEWWW!  I don't wanna know where, what, how or why thank you very much!

We're back on the 'early in the morning and after 8 pm at night' walking schedule.  It's June in Texas - hello humidity!
Picabo loves to chase the birds on her walks, but I don't let her chase them as much during this time of year - nesting season - 'cause I'm sure she'll 'catch' the fledglings and then what will I do??!  The Texas State Bird is The Mockingbird

and these little devils are VERY protective of their nests. They'll bombdive if you get too close...especially dogs!  There's one near the mailboxes that has been terrorizing Pic for a week or so now.  A bit of payback for the rest of the year when she terrorizes them I guess.

Here she is on a sign near the mailboxes...

She even follows us a little ways - here she is again on the gate

One morning Picabo had to check out the pinwheels on a neighbor's yard 'cause they weren't there the day before

I was laughing so hard when I took this one 'cause it freaked her out when they started spinning
After her recon of the neighborhood, our little homeland security director spends her afternoons alternating between napping and watching for anyone who dares to walk in front of her home

Hmmmm...I think she's getting sick of me taking her picture - ha!

As annoying as she is when you leave (she has such a loud bark for such a little creature), she is really cute when you get home...here she is playing with Tim after he gets home.
Chillin' after dinner while we catch up on the day's news.  Tim and I always crack up when she lays like this...her head on the pillow like a human
OK, she is definitely sick of me taking her picture - HA!

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