5-1-2013 I can't believe it's been over a year since my last post. What a slacker - yeesh!! Ü All I can say is...get ready for Update-A-Palooza!!! I'm going to get caught up by posting all the photos from the last year or so first and will then go back and journal each entry later. Ü

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top of the Muffin to you!

So I made some delicious muffins a couple nights ago...blueberry with streusel sprinkled on top.  Tim and I each ate one hot out of the oven - YUM!  A bit later, I went back to the kitchen to grab another and found this...

Tim had 'POPPED THE TOP' of 4 of them leaving the stumps! 

I was laughing so hard.  I held up the pan and just looked at Tim with one of those 'no words necessary' looks - you know, raised eyebrows, tilted head.  He said "I'm sorry" so fast & with a big smile that I knew he wasn't really sorry at all.  He's so dang funny and I guess he's a big fan of the streusel.  It was really good & reminded me of Apple Streusel Pie from my Godfather's Pizza days - talk about YUM!!  I may have to 'recreate' that next.

In the meantime, Newman's on his way over now to take care of our stump problem - hehe! (yes, another Seinfeld reference for you non-Seinfeld watchers).

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