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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mother Nature Responds...

So a couple weeks ago when I filed a complaint with Mother Nature regarding our temps, I knew I may suffer her wraith for doing so. Well, She responded and let's just say it wasn't pretty. 

First of all, she struck me mute - literally!  Last Tuesday I woke up with my second head cold in a month, my head pounding & voice scratchy.  By Thursday, my voice was so messed up that everytime I tried to talk, these horrid, only-dolphins-can-interpret squawking sounds came out.  Tim just looked at me and nodded a lot & Picabo ran & hid.  BUT, the temps were in the 50s again, so I figured even though Mother Nature didn't like my questioning her, we had come to some kind of understanding.  When Sunday rolled around not only could I produce a somewhat normal-sounding sentence or two, but the day was absolutely GORGEOUS - 76 degrees & sunshine baby!  It seemed the worst had passed.

That was until I looked out my window yesterday morning and saw THIS...

That's right, SNOW!!!  Oh yeah, me & Mother Nature have an understanding alright...I understand that She doesn't give a rip about what I think or want - hehe!

It only lasted a few hours & I actually enjoyed watching it fall. The flakes were HUGE - some of the biggest I've ever seen. Picabo wanted nothing to do with it & stayed under her blankets all day.

Here's Tim finishing up his run 

Today with my cold mostly gone & my voice back to normal I'm thinking a bit clearer & concede it probably wasn't Mother Nature punishing me.  But you've gotta admit the timing is a bit suspicious.  And 76 degrees one day, 32 the next - well that enough to drive anyone a little crazy.  Kramer's right, Mother Nature is indeed a mad scientist!   I just wish she'd take that madness somewhere else

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thescotts said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! K, not laughing at you being sick, but laughing at your battle with mother nature. She hates me too. CAN'T BELIEVE the snow. WOW! CRAZY!! Tim looks so cute out there in the snow. LOVE and MISS YOU GUYS!
Stay warm and hopefully you are DONE!
Love ya!