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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Life in Austin so far...

We've been back in Austin almost a month now and have loved it except for the wind. We totally forgot how much it blows here. It's kind of nice in the summer because it breaks up the heat but not so much in the winter...brrrrrr! On Christmas Eve it was in the 30s with 40+ mph winds - SUCKED! But its been sunny and in the 50s ever since so I can't complain too much. Well, until Tuesday when it's supposed to get really cold & windy again - HA! Still not as cold as Utah though so I'll shut up now before I get an earful from the Fam :D

Apartment life has actually been pretty good, especially when the icemaker went out on Christmas and we just had to file a service request online to get it fixed. For the first time in almost 13 years we didn't have to fix it on our own or pay someone to do it. Sometimes being a homeowner can be really stressful. Now having your neighbor's patio furniture blow around all night right above your head while you're trying to sleep on Christmas Eve - not so good. They must be out of town for the holidays 'cause I doubt they would have been able to sleep either. But overall, we can't complain. Here's some pics of apt...

We are on the second floor...the balcony with the wreaths is ours

The wreaths and a string of lights around the balcony railing are about the extent of our Christmas decor this year :D I've been packing & unpacking so much the last couple months I didn't feel like unpacking all my decor.

The main reason we chose this particular apartment complex is that it backs up to a big neighborhood where we can walk Picabo. What we didn't know when we picked it is that it had a gated dog park right behind it. Sa-weet! Of course Picabo thinks this is HER park. There are a few benches to sit on while she runs around sniffing every blade of grass, trying to determine who has invaded her park and when.

Tim has LOVED being able to ride his bike outside again (not so easy in Houston - too much traffic).

As you can see he hasn't let the cold deter him one bit

Besides unpacking, we've been enjoying the college bowl games. Here's Tim & Pic the night of the Utah-Cal game. The Utes won 37-27 - WOOHOO!

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