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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Out with the old...

In with the, ah, older??!

Yep, that's right. We're officially Austinites once again. Tim and I packed everything in Houston and then had a moving company load, drive & unload our stuff for us. We've gotten pretty good at this moving thing - 6 mortgages in 12 years will do that for ya We've rented an apartment only a couple miles from our old 'hood (woohoo! missed my girls so much!) and plan on buying a house once we find out which school Tim will be teaching at next fall.

As I'm sure you can imagine, it's been a bit tricky trying to fit all our (ok fine, MY) stuff into the apartment. But we've got the essentials - clothes, dishes, tv & dvr - unpacked and now I'm just decorating the place. I'm pretty sure Tim tried to pay off the movers to "lose" a few of those boxes but, much to his dismay, everything was delivered just fine. There is however, one thing we needed to purchase - a shower caddy.

That's because we have a nutball for a dog who thinks because soap smells good, well then it must taste good! Our houses have had built-in shelves too high for her to reach but not the case here. I caught her last night still checking it all out...

After I snapped the picture, I asked her what she was doing & told her to get down or she was gonna get a bath. Here's her getting in trouble look...

As soon as she heard the word "bath" she jumped down and took off down the hall. But do you know what the mischievious little devil did??! She immediately went into the OTHER bathroom and tried to get to the candles I had just set out in there.

We can't ever put the toilet seat down because she will jump from the toilet onto the counter. As you can see, the move has done nothing to slow her down! Kids have GOT to be easier than her, right??!! HA!
Anyways! We are doing great and I will post some more pics of the apartment once I get the rest of the decor up and boxes put away.


Suzy said...

what a naughty girl!

Cause I said so... said...

For Christmas, I will be sending over Milkbone flavored soap and chicken scented candles just for you, Picabo! Woo-hooo! So glad you are back!

thescotts said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That little devil dog sure is cute though! CAN'T WAIT to get to Austin in one month baby! Ele has already started packing;D oh, and maybe let Tim know that she is for sure like her mother and Auntie Tricia, and she will be bringing everything, even the kitchen sink:D We are a bit excited!!!!
LOVE that you are back in Austin and SOOOOOOOO HAPPY for you and T.
Jelly Bean

jeana said...

Your apartment is already more decorated than my house that I've lived in for 3 1/2 years!

Tricia said...

Suzanne - Yes, she is a very naughty girl

Sandra - I can't WAIT to use the milkbone soap & light the chicken candles - yum :P

Kelly Marie - that is AWESOME she is already packing. Don't worry, we'll fit the sink in somewhere :D

And Jeana - you crack me up! It's out of necessity - no room to walk around if I don't hang it all up ;)