5-1-2013 I can't believe it's been over a year since my last post. What a slacker - yeesh!! Ü All I can say is...get ready for Update-A-Palooza!!! I'm going to get caught up by posting all the photos from the last year or so first and will then go back and journal each entry later. Ü

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Sisters Do As Sisters Should..."

Saturday Night Live did a couple skits last season spoofing the Lawrence Welk Show. The first one aired in October '08 and while I was in Utah last February, My mom, sisters & I watched it over & over again - laughing 'til we could laugh no more. BTW - I do not necessarily endorse whatever ad Hulu runs at the first of the vid :D SNL skit starts about 10-15 seconds in.

Last night, NBC reaired SNL's finale from last May where they had did another Merrill Sisters skit...this one with Will Ferrell. Not quite as funny as the first but still worth watching - especially if you have a warped sense of humor like my Fam. Enjoy...I know my Mom & Kel definitely will!


thescotts said...

SERIOUSLY peed my pants AGAIN!! That is my fav! I wish you were here so we could do it for "HALLO-COSTUME"

Suzy said...

sure you don't endorse the ad... ;) Love those SNL skits!

Pat said...

I guess I am warped too !!!
Every time i watch this I crack up out loud, that my husband just shakes his head....
hahahha Thanks for making my day..

Tricia said...

Well Pat, it's good to hear there are other warped people out there! My husband was laughing...at ME laughing at the skit. Maybe it's a woman thing :D