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Monday, August 24, 2009

Laundry Day & Picabo

Ever since Picabo was a puppy, she's had 2 favorite toys...one is an owl beany baby (AKA baby) and the other is a rope toy we replace a couple times a year due to string loss.

Each week I toss these two in the washer for a bath but learned long ago not to let Picabo see them go in otherwise she throws a fit! Last week I was transferring them to the dryer with rest of the laundry when she came around the corner and saw "baby" go in. Can you say BETRAYAL??!! I tried to pretend I didn't see her and went downstairs. She was having none of that & I finally grabbed my camera 25 MINUTES later to record her...

She just got louder and more worked up, so I finally pulled still-damp baby out and gave it to her...

Talk about taking your toys and going home - Yeesh! Let's just say I was not allowed to "play" with her & her toys for a few days, only Tim. She is such a nut ball but so dang funny. Silly dog!

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thescotts said...

HILAROUS!!! Ele and I are laughing so hard right now. Sweet Pic!! She needs two babies then you can wash one.