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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Snail Mail

As most of you know, I love being a Texan. Probably the only thing I would change - well besides mixing in a rainstorm or two to break up the current 103+ temps!! - is I'd move Utah (AKA our family and friends) a bit closer. Unfortunately I don't see that happening anytime soon - the rainstorm either...uuuggghhh!!! - so I'll just be grateful we all have cell phones, blogs, facebook, email, instant chat, etc. to stay in touch while I sweat.

But even with all that technology, getting a card or package through the good ol' pony express is still the greatest for me. I opened my mailbox earlier this week and literally ripped open a card from my awesome mom...front of card below.

It MADE MY WEEK to see that cute little pig she said reminded her of me (my papa called me Porky Pig as a kid - good thing I loved him so much huh?!!?). She always sends some photos and a couple other silly things that make me feel I'm not so far away. This time along with some photos, she included a piece of gum for Picabo (NOT that she'll ever see it the gum-lovin' rat!) and an image of the "devil dog" herself. My nephew Andrew made it for me - notice the red horns and all - HA!. You rock, Andrew! I love it and I love you buddy!!

THANKS, MOM, for doing the impossible...bringing 'Utah' a few miles closer this week. I LOVE & MISS YOU LOTS!

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dlb said...

I feel that I can say this with some authority here, that Houston is ok, but that San An is awful!!! However, it is true about the Pony Express. My mail never comes and when I do recieve mail, its usually a bill that is passed due, due to the slow pony express route! So are we going to throw on our cowgirl hats and boots and celebrate the 4th or what?