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Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop...

Like most Gen Xers, Michael Jackson was a huge part of my teen years. And growing up a dancer, well, let's just say that takes the whole "idol" thing to another level! I about drove my parents crazy pausing & rewinding the "Thriller" video hundreds of times so my sisters, my friends and I could learn every step of it. During my three years of cheer, there wasn't one dance we ever performed that didn't have several moves from a Michael, Janet, or Paula Abdul video. Not to mention all the fun we had singing his songs in the car or dancing to at school dances.

But until Tim told me that Michael Jackson had died Thursday afternoon, I hadn't really thought about him the past few years. Part of me is amazed he actually made it to 50, but another part of me is shocked he's gone. Funny how the death of someone I never really knew can make me feel sad to be "grown up"...something I rarely feel.

When I look back at the celebrities & athletes I admired as a teen, I more often than not see them much differently as an adult. Some in part because of what they've done and become, but mostly because some of the things I thought were important at say, 17, aren't so much at 37. Looking back at Michael Jackson with my adult eyes, I see that his incredible music and dancing just added to my wonderful childhood when, from all accounts, his childhood sucked. How could anyone who grew up like he did, have a dad treat them so horribly, and then explode into iconic success around the world really turn out "normal"?

I know lots of people will only remember him for all the crazy stuff he went through in his personal life over the last 10-15 years. But not me. No, Michael Jackson will forever represent only great memories for me. Whenever I hear his songs or I see his videos, I can't help but break out in a huge smile and a few of those dance moves. I think it will always be that way for me because the thing I loved most about him at 17 is still what I love about him at 37...watching him dance. I can watch him for hours and still feel as if I'm seeing him moonwalk for the first time. THE GUY WAS JUST BORN TO DANCE...


thescotts said...

AWESOME! Love it! I remember watching Thriller over and over and dancing and singing! I can also remember us downstairs skating to his songs on the record player. WOW! It is soooo sad what he went through. Loved his music and dancing too. He always reminds me of you!
LOVE you and your posts!
Wish you were closer too:(
Love and miss you soooooooooo dang much!

Tricia said...

HA! I totally forgot about skating in the basement...OUR CHILDHOOD ROCKED! (literally :P)