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Sunday, April 19, 2009

This one's 4 the girls

Candace and Kelly came to town Thursday-Sunday and, for the first time in years, we were together for more than just a few hours at a time. It was GREAT to catch up...we always have so much fun together!! We spent the four days talking, laughing, shopping, talking, watching Mamma Mia!, talking, eating at some of our fave restaurants, laughing, talking, teasing each other, staying up late, sleeping in, and oh, did I mention TALKING??! I'm so lucky to have two amazing sisters who are also such great friends - I enjoyed these past few days so much!

Tim loved seeing them as well, but doesn't really do "marathon chat sessions", so he would hangout for awhile and then let us enjoy our "sister time." In fact, I'm pretty sure just the thought of the 3 of us together for 4 days straight is enough to make him, Jac and Jim want to run far, far away - HA! :)

Gotta give a special shout out to Jac, Mom, Dad, Dorothy, Cam and anyone else who entertained my sweet nieces & nephews so their moms could come to my house & play! THANKS...you guys rock!

Here's a few more photos of us...take note of the little black creature who just happens to nose her way into almost every photo. :)

Me and Kel ready for some shoppin' - guess the question would be when aren't we up for some shoppin' :)

Me and Can...this was taken Sunday a.m. before they flew home. If our eyes look beadier than usual it's 'cause we - the two night owls of the family - stayed up 'til 3 am the night before. Kel actually made it 'til midnight every night...it's awesome how some things never change no matter how old we get!

Candace & Kelly smiling "one more time" for their annoying, but totally awesome, big sister :)

Picabo will plant her bony little body on your lap any chance she gets in an attempt to stop you from leaving. I can't be sure, but I think she's "makin' them an offer they can't refuse" in this photo. It's either that or she's checking to see if Candace is chewing gum and if she's willing to share.

I was really hoping we'd have lots of Texas sunshine for my poor snow-weary sistahs, but we spent most of their time here sloshing thru CRAZY amounts of rain. But beeing girls, we weren't going to let a little water deter us & were going shopping "come hell or highwater." We had no idea how true that would turn out to be - the highwater cometh! We got 3+ inches on Friday and close to 5 inches in ONE HOUR alone on Saturday! Needless to say, it was a record-breaking rainstorm and the water had no where to go. Let's just say we now have a better understanding of the Texas slogan "Don't Drown, Turn Around!" Below are some photos Candace & Kelly snapped while I did my best to get us to the outlet malls safe and for the most part, dry. It finally cleared up while we were at the mall & we were able to enjoy a bit of sunshine walking from store to store.

What you see behind that wall of water is indeed a truck

Texas has great access roads along every freeway but they were the some of the worst & scariest areas on Saturday...the van in this picture must have washed off the road.

I took this photo from inside the doorway that leads out to my COVERED porch off the side of our house...it hadn't been raining more than 10 minutes or so when I took this picture. Flash floods indeed!

Picabo making sure she is a safe enough distance from the water while looking out the door at the washed-out patio. The storms definitely put the kibosh on her daily walk and bird-chasing activities.

This photo says it all. And yes, her chin is resting on the sill.

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Janae&DonovanLott said...

How fun! I'm glad you were able to spend time with your sisters. I've been suggesting me and my sisters getting together and leaving the kids behind. I think I'll try to make it happen.